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C++, .NET, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Vue.js, Angular, PHP, Python, QA, DevOps, Linux Admin, Cloud Infrastructure, AWS, Azure, Analyst, Project Management, Product Management, UX/UI and much more
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Do you lack experienced developers
and other specialists?

Finding experienced developers and technical specialists in the team is challenging.

We can recommend you developers and other specialists in the required technologies and with the necessary experience. Try SmartBrains pros. They will join your team and contribute to the successful development of your projects.


Who is our service for?

HR managers and HR specialists • managers and team leaders • small software companies • companies with a long tradition
Do not reduce your requirements in knowledge and experience. We will be happy to offer you experienced developers or other specialists from our community.
We will use our connections among our community members and their connections to offer you a hard-to-find colleague.
We will help you manage the bootup capacity without having to make compromises when choosing.

What people are like
in SmartBrains?


Enthusiastic and proactive. They work on themselves, keep up with software development trends.


They fit into the team. They are productive and can support good cooperation.


Verification by working on internal projects or on projects with our partners.


They adhere to professional software development practices and standards.


Experience of our partners
with our specialists

They are smart, they can do what we need them to do. We haven't had a single negative experience, they get involved quickly, they are productive.
Lucie Václaveková
IT Head Hunter, DGT factory
When we need someone, the response is immediate, we know that if Smartbrains send us someone, that person is of high quality, we know that it will not be a fiasco. We didn't agree with everyone, but they have that quality in most people. It actually sends the profile we specified we need.
Sylva Havířová
They are often very active, suggesting and saying what our own inernal people could and should say. It's probably also a sign that they feel free here, they can talk. I don't know how SmartBrains do it, they know how to find or raise such people. All of them work on each other, of course, they develop, they don't stand still.
Libor Šnobl
Head of Division, Lundegaard
People from Smartbrains joined us very quickly and became part of our core development team. They are able to learn quickly and move as part of our development. I am glad that everyone has been working together on the project for more than a year.
Marek Krška
Team Leader, MallGroup
Cooperate with us

Who can we offer
exactly for you?​

Let us know who and what project you are looking for (position, technology, seniority, project, length of cooperation).

We will be happy to outline how the collaboration would work and introduce you to possible colleagues for your project.

Use our contacts and get back to us as soon as possible!

Requirements analysis
After getting to know each other and introducing ourselves, we will define together the needs that we can help you with.
Selection of profiles for your team

Thanks to the large community of SmartBrains developers, we will find suitable candidates for the team – the selection process itself is fully under your control.

Contract administration
Before the start of the contract, we will jointly resolve the framework agreement and the partial cooperation agreement (order).

Leave us a contact

Do you have questions or come up with a specific idea? We will be happy to contact you and discuss the possibilities of cooperation.